Very Thorough

Richard Bazinet assisted us in what was a thorough examination of 10-12 properties in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. His tireless effort to assure any property we had interest in went through a due diligence process with no piece of the puzzle going un-examined. Personally I’ve never worked with someone as thorough in looking into real estate leads like Richard did for us. In fact we actually bid on a property in Scottsdale that if it wasn’t for additional examination recommended by Richard by a professional roofer discovering illegal shingle work we may be in a lot more trouble today (we got out of the contract post inspection and roofer recommendations, this property is still on the market today). I’m writing this review because of the positive experience we had and to highlight an industry professional’s skills in a most deserving way. Thank you Richard, and may you have a wonderful 2020. Andy