Office? Warehouse? Retail? Find a home for your business.

Or sell your commercial space…

A boutique commercial real estate professional service engaged in all aspects of commercial real estate, land, development, office, industrial, specialty, medical, health care, restaurant, retail, multifamily, and residential income – serving the needs of upscale, selective and proprietary commercial clients.

Subtle, discreet and very effective. Independent.  Achieving results and give you the right time. It’s called competency, experience and uncommon skills.

If you are a small or medium size company, the process can be very intimidating as commercial real estate brokerage, property management or developer may be many times over the size of your own company. You want to be in control, not be controlled by their terms and conditions. You are used to managing your own company and making your own decisions, and not being managed and decisions being made for you.

Unlike those impersonal national big box name commercial outfits with a multitude of competing interests and people, a huge overhead of people with big impressive titles, our clients prefer a confidential tailored approach to strategically and carefully select their real estate business decisions in privacy. We don’t let the big players bulldoze over the process to serve their own best corporate interests rather than our clients’ best interests.

Our strategic advantage that few to none have is our unique ability to marry commercial real estate with residential real estate. One stop shop – and end-to-end solution. One agent, or a hundred agent – we can do this. None can do this seamlessly.

We excel in corporate relocations – both the business part AND the people part behind the business – key and critical to relocations. This is why we are the premier choice of professionals and companies that relocate to Phoenix Scottsdale, and out of Phoenix Scottsdale.

Regardless of your industry, whether you are in high-technology, a professional services organization, a manufacturer, a distributor, a regional office, a subsidiary of a large corporate or a retailer.

We can take care of helping you choose you new headquarters and relocate your employees in a seamless process – in a single project. And this without the intermediaries like relocation companies that siphon your budget and force you into second-rate real estate relationships to their own profit.

Whether you are a growing company seeking to expand and grow your business office space, and executive relocating to or from Phoenix Scottsdale (wanting a VIP service), a professional building up an expanding your business, a business relocating your office, or setting up a new business operation, or you need warehouse, distribution, manufacturing, or land – we are your #1 choice.

In a single telephone call, we can discuss your needs and requirements and tell you exactly what the next steps are and where its at, and determine your project scope.