View All Homes For Sale On Your Smartphone!


In your car driving, walking, hiking, at home. On location or not. Anywhere, anytime 24/7. Get instant information with full description and photos on any home for sale in Phoenix Scottsdale. No waiting. Just like a real estate professional. Even many real estate professionals can’t do that!

Want to know which homes are for sale in your neighborhood? Or you are driving somewhere, and you see a house for sale and you wonder about it, the price, its description and the interior photos?

Here’s how to get ‘instant’ information on ANY house for sale, in any area in the county, just with your smartphone or tablet.

Search while parked or walking by any house for sale. Search by map, homes nearby, or even by any address, or by specific parameters, even if you are not in the area. You can even speak the address or speak/type an address, and it will give you all the homes for sale in that immediate area.

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It’s that simple, and it’s complimentary.