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There is difference between vacant and unoccupied home. In an unoccupied home the furnishings are there although the resident may be elsewhere. Your home is only considered vacant when the resident has moved out and taken their belongings with them.

A property is vacant when there is no personal property inside the home to allow for someone to live there. If there is a bed, a chair and table where someone could sleep and eat and it is their intention to return then the home is no longer vacant.

Unoccupied is defined as a home that is furnished with at least the minimum described above; however, the homeowner is not staying there at the time. Many homeowners who have second homes up north leave their Arizona home unoccupied in the summer months.

All policies contain a vacancy provision. In a homeowners policy the vacancy exclusion typically applies after a home has been empty for 30 to 60 days. At this point, the policy starts taking away coverage. After 30 days vandalism is removed. After 60 days fire damage is removed. Freezing of a plumbing, heating or air conditioning system will be removed unless the structure has sufficient heat and/or the water system has been shut off and drained.

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